26 December 2008


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Grades have not come out yet for me, but a few have for some in other sections that I know. I am fully expecting to get average grades, which sounds to those I tell that are not in law school like I am just being down on myself - but I know I am not.

From their perspective, they knew I was in the library constantly, especially at the end their. My roommate knows that I practically lived at the library and my cat probably forgot who I was for awhile there. I know that I read a lot of supplements, and I read every case assigned as well. I know that I outlined my ass off, made flashcards, bought flashcards, and studied with a few others when I felt it was necessary. What I also know is how many others were doing the same things to prepare as I was. And I also know that I left out, in all but one final, a key element or many key elements that were most likely necessary for an above average grade.

What I am not expecting is to receive a below average grade, because of all the preparation I did. However, it is difficult to say who in my section will fall below me on the curve - I might be able to name one name, but I am not even sure about that. At first, me and gossip girl tried to come up with names of people that we knew we would out perform, but when push came to shove and we really began cramming, we realized that was not the right thing to do - after all, any name we came up with, they were right there in the library with us, apparently studying their asses off too. There is no way to predict who will do better than who, the right attitude is to just focus on doing your own best.

In actuality, I think the lower grades are going to come down to those who missed an issue here an there, of course, and also those that didn't finish, those who only answered 2 of 4 questions, those who may have had catastrophic bad luck in computer failures or forgotten outlines on test day. And that, to me, is really sad. It seems to come down to luck over hard work, and if anyone does talk about their grades openly it will likely be annoying because soon everyone will discover that the ones they thought were not a threat, really were the whole time, and those that appeared and sounded ultra prepared in class and out of class, really were lost the whole time. But I don't think that is really the case, I really think what will separate the C-'s from the C's and the C's from the Bs, is luck. The exams is really where being OCD comes in handy, because even if you didn't do your reading as strictly as others for every class - if you have made sure your computer runs properly, and you remembered to bring more than one pencil, and you remember that the professor specifically asked you to organize your answer in a certain way, those things will help you. Those that forget...as smart as they are, aren't smart enough to remember.

I'm not saying it is all about those little things, you need to know your stuff and know it well, but the professor's aren't trying to trick you, at least it appears to me.

And I know I remembered a lot of the small stuff, but I just think it's those that forgot the small stuff, or had bad luck on test day, that will perform below average. I just hope I'm not one of them.

I guess I can predict my grades ... and I'm already at peace with what I think they will be (4 C's and B) so if they are better, fantastic, but if they are worse - oh, shit. I wouldn't advise anyone else to try and predict their grades like I have, but it's hard not to.

Good luck to all that have grades coming out soon. All I keep remembering is that they can't (I don't think) kick me out after only one semester...

16 December 2008


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How do you end something for good that's been practically ending for over two years, and no one is willing to admit it, or if they are, the other will not let it happen?

Never thought this situation would arise.

12 December 2008

Remember this?

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This little gem.

Here it is, revisited, a semester under my belt:

Then Hair color: light brown
Now Hair Color: light brown. I guess a semester can't change my hair color!

Then Weight:
140 (I don't have a scale, but Jay does and I this was my weight last I checked over there)
Now Weight: Just weighed myself - 131. Stress induced for sure.

Then Relationship Status:
still in it to win it with Jay
Now Relationship Status: It is no more.

Then Fingernail length: pretty short since i bite them by habit
Now Fingenail length: I bet they are shorter now then they were.

Then Law school friend count: 2* [roommate + gossip girl; i am not counting neighbor because i dislike him]
Now Law school friend count: It's hard to count, to be honest. I feel like I have made at least 2 friends I will keep for a long time, one of those being gossip girl. I am friendly with just about everybody, so I guess I have about 15 "new" friends.

Then Favorite law school class: torts [it comes easiest]
Now Favorite law school class: Right now I hate them all! But Torts - the least hated.

Then Least favorite law school class: civil procedure [i don't get it yet, and i used to be a legal secretary]
Now Least favorite law school class: I am sticking with civ pro.

Then Time spent studying each day: about 7.5 hours [2pm until 11PM M-Th with about an hour and a half of goofing off time; this seems excessive as I know I don't get that much done in so much time. Sat/Sun are different since I am currently taking one of those days off and the other I will study more hours but I'll do more in between.]
Now Time spent studying each day: Well, since I'm done - none. During finals, pretty much 14 hours a day. But I will say I cut my studying down to about 4 hours a day from the 7.5. That was draining. On weekends I did about 8 hours a day, and sometimes took a day off.

Then Supplemental materials purchased: 11 - one E&E for each class (besides legal writing), one hornbook for each, and then I have a canned brief book for civ pro, and a random outline book for contracts. I also have Getting to Maybe, and I've read about half of it. I should probably continue reading it....which brings me to my next question:
Now Supplemental materials purchased: the only thing I have to add are those Law in a Flash cards. Those are great! Oh and Barbri first year prep book.

Then Read Getting to Maybe?: See above.
Now Read Getting to Maybe: Well, never finished.

Then Bar Reviews attended: 0 [there has not been one yet]
Now Bar Reviews attended: I went to all but one. I think there were only 3 though. Hah!

Then Drinks had with classmates: 1 [i don't even know if this counts as it was before orientation week even started..]
Now Drinks had with classmates: too many to count, almost consistently every weekend with a couple exceptions.

Then Therapeutic shopping trips: 1 [i only count clothing shopping in this since that is what i generally do when i'm upset]
Now Therapeutic shopping trips: Oh. So. Many. Again, too many to count. But I haven't been in over a month because I'm too poor.

Then How many times I've cried after class: 1
Now How many times I've cried after class: This question was meant to say how many times class made me cry - other things have made me cry, a lot. But class...still just that one time. You get used to being embarrassed after awhile, and people tend to let it go.

Well, I'm done with my finals. Now onto a month full of family fun and trying to find myself again. I definitely feel like I am a different person now, and it sucks, because I was happy with who I was. Hopefully happiness can be had again.

06 December 2008

How do you hang in there?

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It is terrifying to think that over 40% of my classmates will get Cs or worse.

And it is even more frightening to think that I could be one of them.


03 December 2008

Memo to classmates

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02 December 2008

Um, regressing back to high school...

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So, after college, I used to be very hip to cool music. Stuff that my friends liked, jazz, some classical, and even super hip indie rock.

Well, guess what folks, the most exciting part of my day today was realizing that I pre-ordered Britney Spears new CD and it was coming in via i-Tunes.


Law School Side Effects: You may experience frequent headaches, nausea, hang-overs, poor decisions on bed buddies, and you may start to like boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and girl pop like Britney Spears. Please seek therapy if you experience multiple side effects at once, it may be the sign of a greater condition, such as bi-polar disorder.

I think the blank could be filled in for any class...how am I supposed to prepare for the rest of finals with that shitty experience behind me? I feel so defeated.

I feel really shitty after that one. Yuck. I ran out of time, didn't get to spell check, I don't feel like I wrote enough...and it was on something I didn't expect.

I am just hoping that somebody did worse than I did. There are a few over confident people that thought they nailed it, and then mostly people like me feel completely terrible about it.

Yikes. This is awful.

Good news...I'm mending my personal life back together. And that's the best thing ever.

28 November 2008

Preparing for exams.

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You know those people in undergrad that don't do any work until the night before and still pull of B's or better?

Fuck 'em.

I seriously hate those people. And stop sitting next to me at the library.

It is apparent who is putting in the work and who is not - and just because you are always in the library doesn't mean that you are always working. I smirk at those on perezhilton.com, because I'm so there...

I've been studying my butt off, actually since the middle of October I've made a little home in the library.

What I PLANNED on doing, was reading the E&E's before each concept, clarifying in hornbooks. What I DID was read the cases, and then I did CALI lessons before class. I can honestly say that I often couldn't follow in class. There were days when I could, and days when I couldn't. It was tough. I think for me it was mostly a language problem - I wasn't an english major, or philosophy, or anything impressive.

I will tell you that at each and every review, I was able to follow. I may not be able to recite the particular facts of each case, but I do know the rules, generally, and how they apply or how a case demonstrates the application of a rule. And I think that's good.

I will say that my outlines are not complete yet. And that is scary.

25 November 2008


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I think elaboration is necessary to my last post and I promise to do that.

I know that people will find themselves in my situation and feel like I feel, and it sucks. But, there is a line I keep reminding myself of in "Law School Confidential" that says "Have you ever willed yourself through something?"

You gotta will yourself through law school. And never forget why you came in the first place, never.

I'll be back. I promise!

Oh. My. God.

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Law school really does a number on one's confidence. So, what happens when one has little confidence to begin with? To be blunt, you are fucked.

I've been humiliated in class so many times I've lost count. And, no, contrary to what my classmates believe, it isn't because I'm stupid. Duh. I got in to law school, too. I just keep freezing up when called on.

Furthermore, I've ruined my long term relationship and am consoling myself by sleeping with a member of My Law School Class of 2011. Someone who I wouldn't give the time of day to, had we not both been in law school.

And finally, I'm 75 cents overdrawn in my bank account. This is the...fourth time this semester, and the fourth time in my life, that I've ever been overdrawn.

Frankly, my life is a fucking mess. And I'm about to embark upon finals.

My friends, I will be fine. But please - don't let this happen to you.

08 October 2008

Addendum to my last post

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Trust no one.

07 October 2008

It's been a while

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I apologize to the avid fans of my blog that I have been MIA.  Law school is hard.

I thought now would be a good time for me to give advice, but I don't really feel qualified to give advice to 0Ls just yet.  Alternatively, I can attest to learning some valuable lessons and what's been working for me so far.
Let me preface all of this by saying that I still feel behind.  I think everyone has their outlines/notes all in order except for me.  Classmates make you feel bad about those kinds of things.  I'm blowing them off and their silly comments.  My place as the stupid girl in glass has clearly solidified, but we will see who's laughing in January come grades.
Anyways, on to the lessons:

  1. Law school is for learning and not for making friends.  There are tons of events 1Ls are invited to with their section and other law school events in general.  If one were to do all these events, I can't see how any studying could get done.  Add to that the expense - going out every weekend and drinking will cost ya.  I believe I've found a good balance between social events and studying.  There are some people, however, that are known for their hard-partying ways.  I realize that law school is likened to high school a lot, however it really isn't high school and thus one should choose the events they attend wisely.
  2. I like briefing.  Well, I don't like it as in I wake up every day urging to brief a case, but I like it as a way to synthesize the material and compare rules.  Many of my classmates have stopped briefing.  I am sure that I am one of the last few briefers, but I am still doing it.  Book briefing doesn't cut it for me, either.  I'd rather go back through my own notes on a case then search the book and re-read a case when I'm studying.  Briefs work well with that.  Also, I think the best way to take notes is to take notes on your briefs - whether you print them out and handwrite or just leave a section for class notes in your document on your computer.  I also have a designated "concept" note document for general ideas that shouldn't be attributed to just one case.  
  3. Stay organized.  I am horribly unorganized and it's showing.  There is hardly any room for me to have one book open on my 5 foot long desk.  I have a box full of papers that need to be filed from when I moved here early in the summer.  It's becoming overwhelming to think that I have to do all of this organizing, and I just don't have time.  If I would have taken the time earlier in the year to get a good organization system going, everything would be fine.  I did not.  I recommend that you do.
  4. Find out if you are a morning or a night person.  If your brain works better at night, study late and sleep in longer.  If your brain works better in the morning, wake up early if possible and try and study then, and go to bed earlier.  I study much better early in the morning and I end up with a much better understanding of the material than I would if I stayed up late to finish it.
  5. Take practice exams early.  Take your answers to your professor and find out what they think.  Find out what format they want your answers in.  Not all professors can be treated equally - not all of them want IRAC.
  6. Budget and stick to your budget.  Lenders give you your money either in one or two lump sums - don't spend it all in the first couple of months!  Set up a recurring transfer from a high interest savings account or something similar so that it isn't easy for you to transfer more and more money over.  Keep track of what you spend on and adjust your budget accordingly.
This is all I can think of for now.  Much of this is what I wish I would have done, but some is what I am doing and what is working.  

20 September 2008

A post of relevance

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This week the pressure was on.  I definitely felt it.  Kinda like the first week all over again.  I kept getting asked about outlines, when I'm outlining, how I'm outlining, can I send someone my outline, etc.  I keep telling everyone I'm not starting until October, but in reality I have already started.  The problem is that my outlines are awful.  I'm rehashing my criminal law outline today, but it's hard to even start.  In class all we do is debate the sides - someone argue for prosecution, someone argue for defense - every day.  I don't feel like I'm pulling out elements or anything substantial that I could use on a test.  So, my dilemma is what exactly to put in my outline.  Right now I have mini briefs - issue, rule, application - for each concept.  But reading over it is not very helpful.  I've become accustomed to reading my supplements more and taking notes from them because I can't pull anything out of these case books besides the cases (and there are some helpful notes after cases).  I hesitate to rely on my supplements for my outlines - but I'm almost to that point.  Any advice on this?  

Do I still LOVE LOVE LOVE my classmates?
My infatuation with my section is approaching a demise.  Most of the guys are in law school to hook up with girls - and what I thought was fun and flirty has turned into dirty, offensive, and immature.  There are a few exceptions and I have met some wonderful girlfriends that I hope to keep forever.
There also seems to be this prerequisite for male law students - cockiness.  I am quite positive many of them think I'm an idiot based on their own standard of evaluating others in comparison to their "super human intelligence."  I keep thinking how sad it's going to be when many of these guys get their grades in January.  They can't all be the smartest.

There is definitely more I have to say...but it's early...and when I say that I mean it's approaching noon and I'm tired...and I really do want to get a lot of studying done this weekend...but really what this all means is that I will be back soon to procrastinate more on this lovely blog.

17 September 2008

I suck at law school.

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14 September 2008

In my own world now

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Law school is absolutely wild right now.  Because all of us 1Ls aren't really stressed out yet (I am not sure when the panic begins to consume - October?), we have been spending LOTS of time together, and actually loving it.

I haven't heard any snooty gossip or rumors (besides the silly ones I was took the brunt of when people thought I wasn't studying - really?  You really, truly believe I am not studying?  I'm in law school too, fool!) since the first week.  When we hang out, we can't stop complimenting each other.  There is very little talk of school or classes, besides jokes about professors comments and personalities.  No one has gotten sloppy drunk and made out (or not that I've heard of or seen) and no one has puked or broken a family heirloom at a house party.  Everyone has been really respectful (with a couple exceptions) and people seem genuinely interested in getting to know one another.  This reminds me of orientation week - before I was bombarded by law student silliness.  People are being nice, and I am liking them.  YAY!
My relationship...
But with good news, there comes the bad.  The pressure is finally seeping into my relationship with Jay.  It's really hard for me not to feel guilty when I am not studying.  So I am constantly planning what I am going to do next, when I can fit it in, who I need to talk to, what I need to do extra work for, etc.  When I am with him, which has been every single weekend thus far, I am not really there.  I'm pretty disconnected.  He's not too happy about this.  We aren't broken up as of now, and we aren't fighting - but there have been discussions.  Most 2Ls and 3Ls I've spoken to say that those in relationships should really get out of them now.  I am beginning to see why.  But it isn't easy to justify ending a 5 year relationship over law school.
Add to this my flirtatious personality.  That's right...I would never do anything, as I've been done before, but...the desire to be single is creeping up inside me.  I know in my heart I would still rather press on with Jay, because what we have is incredible.  There isn't a single person in my section (I have hardly met anyone outside of it, which is sad) that I would want to date over Jay, or even want to do anything intimate with over Jay.  But flirting...I want that.
Law school classes...
Well, they are going.  They are going well.  I know what is going on.  It took me a lot of extra work, probably more than the average law student.  It's funny - they say that your LSAT score is supposed to predict your first year performance - but right now it seems the opposite.  Those that are struggling have seem to come from the top schools with top scores and those that aren't are the other category - mediocre school and scores.  I know it's all speculation so far, but it seems so easy to tell who will be at the top of my class right now.  I'm not on my own list, and that bugs me.  Ames is definitely on his own list, he always tells me how smart he is in comparison to others.  We will see how that goes.  He's the one person I want to perform better than.  Knowing him, since he is in a different section, if I perform better - he will say my classes must have been easier.  He's that kind of guy.  
Money sucks.  I've moved around money here and there and I just received an unexpected gift in the mail which will be put towards my debilitating credit card debt, but without that surprise check I don't know what I would do!  It isn't easy to live on loans, a lot of packed lunches, a lot of coupon clipping, and a lot of begging and pleading!

09 September 2008

A small update.

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  1. I have more people I count as friends now.  It's nice!
  2. Torts is getting boring, and Contracts is getting interesting.
  3. I had a non-therapeutic shopping trip with a friend.  It was awesome.
  4. My first memo is not very good.
  5. I spend less time studying per night - probably about 3 hours instead of 7.  This is very good.  To all you 0Ls, the material does get manageable!  I swear!

07 September 2008

Observations, revisited

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I have been busy lately doing things with classmates besides studying - which is pretty awesome.  My outlook is a bit better, although my school is still full of egotistical assbags, some of them I can tolerate more than I used to.  
I've been having a lot of trouble with Contracts recently - I highly recommend the hornbook on Contracts by Calamari and Perillo if you're always like WTF?  in contracts.  It's not as complicated as I thought it was.
I've come to realize that I am among the older crowd at my school.  This is a little strange.  I am only in my mid twenties, yet there are numerous 19-21 year olds around me.  Weird.  

03 September 2008


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  1. It seems that there aren't very many single folks at my school.  Lots of married/engaged/engaged to be engaged.  
  2. Food selection around the campus sucks.
  3. There are quite a few obvious leaches that go to any event just for the free lunch.
  4. General response when asked by upperclassmen what year I am:  "Awwwwwwww!"  Is my massive backpack what is so cute in comparison to your Kate Spade tote?  Hmm....I disagree.
  5. Back to free lunches.  I'm not one of those leaches (yet) but damn, there are a lot of free lunch opportunities.  I'm not sure I can really blame the leaches.
  6. I don't have a single professor that I dislike.  
  7. Everyone seems to have one, two, or four people they are with allthetime.  Everyone, in turn, when you are away from your posse, says, "Hey where that other person that is with you all the time?" or, "Oh are you looking for that person you are with all the time?"  Hmmmm.  
  8. I love noticing the roommate situations that are also in the same section.  One day, you don't see one roomie without the other.  The next, you never find them together and they choose to sit on opposite sides of the room when and where they can.  The next day, reunited!  I sense roommate fallout.
  9. The upper-class accent.  There are some, well, really just one I've noticed, that pronounce every syllable perfectly in every word, and always emphasize certain words.  They use words I haven't gotten to, like "estopped" in sentences between friends.  I can't help but think of lolcat speak when I hear words like this.  Estoppeh teh stoopit!
  10. I like to yell, "INTENTIONAL TORT OF BATTERY!!" when I am touched in the hallway.  
  11. Which brings me to my next point, law students are touchy feely.  Squeezing love handles as a greeting is creepy.  
  12. Funny t-shirt guy.  I've never seen him wear a non-funny t-shirt.  They just get funnier.
  13. I drink a lot less than I used to so far.  
  14. A lot of non-drinkers in my section.
  15. A lot of former professional bakers.  Puts me to shame.  I just bake for fun.
  16. Study-group tension leads to the study-group musical chairs.  Their loss is my gain!  
  17. The smart and pretty girls really bug me.  
  18. There are two repeat offenders of surfing the net in class that I have noticed - gossip girl on Perez and then there is creepy facebook boy.
  19. Virgins in law school.
Okay that's all.

01 September 2008

I completely made this up but I thought it would be a good exercise

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What I was like 2 weeks into law school (I wish I would have done this before law school ever started):

Hair color:  light brown
Weight:  140 (I don't have a scale, but Jay does and I this was my weight last I checked over there)
Relationship Status:  still in it to win it with Jay
Fingernail length:  pretty short since i bite them by habit
Law school friend count:  2* [roommate + gossip girl; i am not counting neighbor because i dislike him]
Favorite law school class:  torts [it comes easiest]
Least favorite law school class: civil procedure [i don't get it yet, and i used to be a legal secretary]
Time spent studying each day:  about 7.5 hours [2pm until 11PM M-Th with about an hour and a half of goofing off time; this seems excessive as I know I don't get that much done in so much time.  Sat/Sun are different since I am currently taking one of those days off and the other I will study more hours but I'll do more in between.]
Supplemental materials purchased:  11 - one E&E for each class (besides legal writing), one hornbook for each, and then I have a canned brief book for civ pro, and a random outline book for contracts.  I also have Getting to Maybe, and I've read about half of it.  I should probably continue reading it....which brings me to my next question:
Read Getting to Maybe?:  See above.
Bar Reviews attended:  0 [there has not been one yet]
Drinks had with classmates: 1 [i don't even know if this counts as it was before orientation week even started..]
Therapeutic shopping trips:  1 [i only count clothing shopping in this since that is what i generally do when i'm upset]
How many times I've cried after class:  

I guess I'll go back and do this again at the end of December to see what's different.  If anyone can think of any other questions, let me know.  This could be fun.  Feel free to take it and fill it out if you want to.  I'd love to procrastinate by reading your answers!

*I know this seems low but I'm being scientific here.  This is the number I feel comfortable with.

I realize that my posts haven't really been too light hearted and happy like posts of my peers, but law school really isn't all fun and games for me.  It's serious work.

I'm in law school to learn, and I am.  The people aren't my favorite, but I guess they aren't that bad.  It's not as if there are people actually razoring out pages in books, or anything.  They are just outwardly competitive on every level right now, probably because they are scared shitless of what their grades are going to end up like - just like me.  I choose to keep my study hours to myself, but some people feel better when they let everyone know how sad their life is by the number of hours they study.
I think a lot of my problem with 1Ls comes down to how I am processing everything.  Everyone is looking for some type of competitive advantage - hornbooks, E&Es, CALI lessons, study groups, study hours, lack of social life.  Mine is really a combination of all of those, but I wouldn't really call it a competitive advantage because I am doing all of those things so that I understand what the heck is happening, not because I want to know more than somebody else.  I have this fear that I'm going to get my exam and not know what is happening.  I also fear being at the bottom of my class.  And I have talked to some other students about this and I have gotten some support, which is nice.  But I've also been condescended to no end by people who I thought were a little more friendly.  

What I need to do is keep my chin up and just press on as though none of that is getting to me.  I think remaining human, and even wearing my heart on my sleeve, is my true competitive advantage because no one is going to hire an awkward law nerd who can't communicate with other humans. 

28 August 2008

An update on ruining my life

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Law school is still bad.  But, luckily for me, I like doing the reading.  What is bad is the people.  They are bad.  This is why:

1)  They say, "I studied for NINE hours yesterday!" as if they should be proud of themselves.
2)  They say, "I already did the reading for my classes this week, and it's only Tuesday - can you believe it?" as if I should care that they are ahead of me.
3)  They highlight their books so much they may as well copy the whole thing on yellow paper.
4)  They seem to be able to maintain a social life and study for classes and come to class prepared.  
5)  They ask me, "Why don't you speak up more in class?"
Get off my back, 1Ls.  By far the coolest people I have met are the 2 and 3Ls (and the gossip girl I sit next to sometimes, she's fun).  It seems the upperclassmen just don't care as much anymore about the competition and are in it more for either the love of law or the love of drama.  It's refreshing.  
But the 1Ls are serious assbags.
Well, most of them.  Some are okay.  Some.    

26 August 2008

Can't sleep, there's a cat on my lap...

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...that won't stop purring.  I'm afraid if I touch him at all in any way it will only prolong the noise, and I really need to sleep.  I don't know what it is, but recently he has been so adamant about showing me he loves me.  He woke me up last night THREE TIMES from his purring and constant need to sleep right next to my face.  Then, of course, he tries to make his "bed" on my face and I wake up from that cute-yet-painful behavior.  But anyways, back to the purring. 

This cat purrs like he's purring in the olympics or for a world record for longest purr.  It's no soft purr, either.  It's the loud 'n rumbly purr of either 1) a very happy cat, or 2) a cat that REALLY wants you to know that they aren't going to hurt you.
In this case, the cat is just very happy.  Of course.  He got to watch Happy Feet yesterday (loves those penguins!) and tonight was very special because "The Hills" was on and he loves to mock that drama.  He was all, "WTF!" When Speidi showed up at that girl's party.  
My cat will literally jump on my lap when I've got a movie or something on to watch.  He doesn't chase the action either.  He watched.  Intently, cocking his head to one side every now and again in wonderment. 
Ah.  He has stopped purring.  Time for bed!

Blum on Contracts

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Anyone notice Chapter 7 of the E&E on Contracts - the first line reads, "Consideration can be fun.1"  

Then the footnote for that line reads, "Obviously, depending on your idea of fun.  It does help to be deranged."
Well then, that settles that.

25 August 2008

Week two of torture - Go!

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So I have come to the conclusion that I have to get used to three things:

1) mind-numbing embarrassment;
2) reading, reading, reading, drinking, reading;
3) Ames (neighbor) constantly posing hypos, comparing study schedules, and thinking he is better than I.

Well, week 2, here we go!

21 August 2008

Well, I guess it all isn't that bad...

Posted by Shake sense into me

This week has been hell, I won't lie.  Obviously my emotions are exploding all over the place, as shown by the two divergent posts I made today.

But, I just had torts class - and I got it.  It was a great feeling.  I understand what the heck that lady is talking about.  Finally.
As far as the people in law school - I'm still trying to make friends.  I have one, who is friendly, but not very sympathetic to my sometimes trite worries.  My neighbor friend keeps throwing hypos my way - I just say I don't know.  We aren't even in the same section nor learning the same thing yet (he's on battery, I'm on negligence) and yet I'm being asked battery hypos?  WTF?  Maybe I should start to disguise myself when I walk to my car.  
I digress...I'm sitting outside right now, enjoying a beautiful day, procrastinating on my blog - and this helps.  Sometimes all a person needs is a huge breath of fresh air - and to realize that law school isn't everything.
I bet there is more drama to come though, stay tuned.
Thanks for all of the encouraging words.
There are 3 things that cheer me up, which I need to remind myself of when I'm down:  my boy, my cat, and the sunshine.  

I want to give up

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Now I understand why law school can be so scarring.

This is awful.

19 August 2008

Why am I in law school again?

Posted by Shake sense into me

I'm freaked out.  Let's just start there.

I feel as though I am the only one in my classes who doesn't get it.  Everyone else seems to be able to come up with an answer when called on, but I can't.  Sometimes, the answer is right in front of me.
It reminds me of elementary school, when my 6th grade teacher asked a simple question but I was distracted and missed it.  He called on me to answer a question, and gave me two possible answers to choose from: higher or lower.    I chose lower.  The question was what size number does multiplying numbers together give you.  I was wrong, and he shouted it out in class, just like this, "WRONG!"
In that situation, I was honestly not paying attention.
In law school, I am paying attention.  I am paying extremely diligent attention.  I am taking notes on everything.  But when it comes time for me to answer a question - whether I am called on randomly or not - I can't come up with an answer.  I've thought about this a lot in my current state of despair - which is a terrible state to be in when analyzing something - but I think my problem is that I'm not understanding the wording of the questions, and I'm missing important links in rules from cases I'm assigned.
I knew law school would be hard.  I bought E&E's to help me through, and I'm reading those before I read the casebook so I can understand better when I do the assigned reading.  But this doesn't seem to help me when it comes time to apply what I'm learning.  Ugh.  I am not sure what to do - whether it's too early for me to really even try pushing through the material because it's going to be beat into me by my professors anyways, or whether I really need to buckle down and do twice, three, four, or five times as much work to get the answers.
And now, remember when I was all upset about my colleagues pestering me about issues?  Well now I know why they were so worried.  And now I feel like a dimwit for not knowing what it was; like I should have been on it from day 0.
Sometimes, when I'm faced with trying to answer a question, someone sitting next to me whispers the answer to me.  But in the face of fear and embarrassment it doesn't help, it only makes it worse.
Right now I think I might be that person that drops out of law school because my grades aren't good enough.  
Looks like that good ol' slacker label might stick to me.  Or maybe it will be modified to "stupid."  No one has asked me to join any study groups as of yet, and I've received a few "No thanks" when I've inquired.  This sucks.
Today was only the second day.
I actually thought about going to the school counselor about all of this, because I'm feeling a mixture of distress from my lack of understanding in class, combined with being overwhelmed with the amount of work, add to that fear of rejection by my peers, and multiply it by my lack of self esteem.  The result is negative.

17 August 2008

the 1L playas have made their appearance

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It's so good to meet them.  I like knowing who I won't get along with asap so I can avoid contact with them.

Classes start tomorrow.  I'm reading cases from the 1800s in England - one of which involves cannibalism. 
And Nikka Costa just came on...so I must dance around my room now.  Ciao!

14 August 2008

Who prepares for orientation?

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We were of course assigned orientation homework, as I wrote about anxiously before, and I of course started it right away out of excitement...but soon the excitement wore off and I continued watching a marathon of Jon & Kate Plus 8 on TLC.

Between moving, buying a car, setting up my place, and dealing with random visits from family (uh..hello?  I'm in law school - let's pretend I don't exist!) I have not really had all that much time to read the cases that were assigned.  I did read them, but to be completely honest, I'm not totally taking everything seriously yet.  I really feel like this is my last "fun" week and why should I stress out about orientation homework?
Well, turns out, everyone around me is stressing out about it and asking me what I think.  I have read the cases.  I know what they are generally about.  I even briefed one (my first brief), but I don't really understand what the "issue" is yet.  So when I get asked, "What did you put for the issue in blah blah blah?" I return a blank stare.  Why are my peers asking me this?!  Aren't they supposed to help us in orientation and tell us what the issue we were supposed to find was?  Is it okay to return an answer of "Uh...I don't know" to a fellow student?  
I feel as though I am already being labeled as a slacker before a group of OCD worriers.  
But I'm not a slacker.  I've obsessed with law school enough that, for me, this whole orientation thing is nice, but I'd rather hang out at the beach and tan.  I fully intend on buckling down during school, but what is with people acting as though their life depends on knowing what the issue is in a case that was assigned at orientation?  And why do I get judged negatively because I respond with "I don't know."  I am soooo close to wearing a sign that says, "I DON'T CARE WHAT THE ISSUE IS."
Of course, the other side of this - and this is what I was afraid of - I don't study like most future lawyers - at least I don't think I do.  I study by myself, and I don't like to talk about what I'm studying until I know I've mastered the concept, or until I know that I just can't master it without talking to someone.  Everyone I've spoken to wants to know about the homework, what I think.  Somehow I think they are benefiting from others opinions, but I can't; nor can I give an opinion on something I've done a cursory overview of.
The worse of it is is really that I am living in close proximity to one of the most enthusiastic homework question askers this side of the Sierra Nevada's, and it really isn't my thing to discuss an issue when I'm taking out the trash in the morning.  LEAVE ME ALONE.  
Maybe part of my stand-off attitude is because I am afraid of giving the wrong answer.  I really don't know - but I'm more worried right now about taking care of myself and my worries than what the person sitting next to me at the reception thinks of our assigned cases.
I will say that I have, of course, found out how to get the syllabi for my courses and I have marked down the readings I need to do for them.  I'm not slacking.  I just study differently.  
I really hope that my lack of preparedness for my peers asking me about this does not permanently reflect on my reputation at this law school, but if it does it does, and what can I do.  C'est la vie.

12 August 2008

Initial thoughts

Posted by Shake sense into me

It has been a wild week.  I moved in, bought a car, and met a lot of incoming students at my school.

Today is only Tuesday.
The people I have met so far are awesome.  I feel like I fit in (so far).  I don't hate it yet - but all I've been doing is going out with law students and getting to know people, so, no competition yet!  Besides kicking ass at bowling.
Anyways, financial aid is awful.  I've increased my debt on my credit card and I can't pay it off because I have no savings.  I'm really at a disadvantage because of this - so my first piece of advice to 0L's - SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.  
I won't be getting my financial aid refund for another couple of weeks and I have about $100 to live on, if I don't use my credit card.  
I guess this is what being a law student is like.  Quite a rude awakening.
The great thing though is that every function I've been to so far I have either had free booze, free food, or BOTH.  Of course I am the one getting seconds on wine, and next time I will be bringing a zip lock baggie to store extras.
The other thing I noticed is that compared to all the other girls, I'm about 40 pounds overweight.  I thought I was "healthy" but turns out...I need to lose 67 pounds.  Pffffffffft.
Official orientation activities begin tomorrow.

08 August 2008


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having issues with the blog....thus this new boring look that i hope you like!

having issues with packing...as in it's not happening and i'm moving in under 24 hours.

having issues with everything...well, not really but packing and blogging are my life.

i won't be around much in the next week.  i apologize as i know i have adoring fans that just need to know what i'm up to every other minute.

no fear, i'll be back.

oh and ps:  i only read 3 pages of my "homework."  procrastination kicks in early.

07 August 2008

Is it bad...

Posted by Shake sense into me

that I'm excited to do my homework?  

I made coffee, cleaned off a table that was full of boxes, and set up a nice little area to do my homework on.  

I'm sorta excited about it.  I'll relish in this because it will probably be the last time I feel excited to do homework...

06 August 2008

I'm in a section

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My schedule was posted this week.  It's good to know my schedule, I've been anticipating receiving it for quite some time.  I don't have class after 2:30 pm which is great, but when I saw other sections get out of class at 10:30 am on certain days, I was pretty jealous.  Whatever, they can start drinking beer earlier than me.  Psshhhh.

I also received a homework packet for orientation...I can't really say I didn't expect this because I've been a long time reader of law student blogs and I am well aware that I would receive orientation homework.  So, no commentary on the shock of this as there isn't any.

I've been making progress on packing.  I did more today than I thought I would, and I stayed pretty organized too.  I feel like all I've been doing is cleaning and laundry, but today I actually packed 3 boxes.  The move this weekend will be interesting, with my folks coming to town and His, logistics will work out perfectly or at least be entertaining.  Me, my dad, and His mom are all control freaks.  I just don't want anyone unpacking my stuff.  Some people might welcome the help, but I have a place for everything and I like to be the one to put it there.  Plus, I don't want anyone judging me based on the contents of my boxes or the way I packed them.  

In other news, I'm trying to find a good tool to track my expenses and budget for school.  It seems to me that finances and budgeting is a popular blog topic for law students, so if any of you are reading this, let me know your thoughts.  I mostly want something to tell me if I'm under or over budget in certain areas at random times of the month. Like, have I spent too much on dining out/coffee?  How much left do I have to do grocery shopping?  Can I save anything this month?  

Also:  What does anyone think of Ikea mattresses?  I bought one.  Hope it isn't horrible.  The price tag was irresistible!

05 August 2008

Folding laundry sucks

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That is all.

01 August 2008

I recommend cleaning before you start packing

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...because it's a lot easier that way.  At least I imagine it's a lot easier that way, but my lazy ass prefers to do things the hard way.  It's more challenging this way!

Yesterday was my last day at work.  I really hope that I never have to make copies for someone else again, but something tells me I will.  At least it won't be in my job description anymore.  I hope, that is.  Please.  I have grown to understand many a different copy machine in the last 4 years, but I refuse to put this skill on my resume:  "Copy documents 46% faster than coworkers."

Since today is my first official day of unemployment, I used it to format my computer and all that fun stuff.  In spite of all the naysayers, I've decided to stick with using my Mac for law school.  So today I partitioned the hard drive and got windows all set up.  I just hope nothing goes wrong on that end.  I plan on only using the windows side for exams.

That was a boring paragraph.

Oh and remember that post a couple days ago about Ms. Inappropriate?  Turns out she gave everyone hickies by the end of the night.  Glad I left before that happened.  

30 July 2008

Scary + exciting = alcohol

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I figure I need to practice my drinking before entering the college-like atmosphere again.

Okay, maybe I shouldn't.  But it's the only thing that makes me forget that (1) I'm moving out of my apartment with my best roommate of all time; (2) I'm moving away from all the new friends I made in college and since college; and (3) that I'm going to flunk out of law school and I will never find a job to pay for the loans I'm taking out.

By the way, while I'm on the subject of money...why am I about to buy a new-to-me car?  I'm about ... oh ... $4k in debt right now that I can't pay more than the minimum on, and I have about $600 to my name.  I did one of those "Net Worth" graphs to post on here but I'm way to embarrassed about it to post the image.
This post is precisely why I need somebody to shake sense into me.  I'm a fool.

28 July 2008

The love part

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I wouldn't want to bore anyone with law school musings all the time....so this is the love post.

I went to a wedding last week and had the pleasure to sit at the same table as Ms. Inappropriate. Ms. Inappropriate happens to be the girlfriend of the girl I love to hate. Girl I love to hate is beautiful, and last night she looked exceptional as she was part of the bridal party. She had her last rendezvous with a boy a couple years ago with my boyfriend. Hence, I was cheated on by my boyfriend* with Girl I love to hate...which would be why I hate her. I love to hate her because she is so fucking beautiful.

Girl I love to hate has never apologized to me (boyfriend has, obviously). But her girlfriend, Ms. Inappropriate, loves to make snide remarks in my presence, and last night was no exception. The highlight of the evening was when she came up and danced with me, pushing my boyfriend away, saying, "Hey, it's only fair, right?"**  

Some people might like a comment like that. I'm really put off by it. Now not only do I have to deal with Girl I love to hate awkwardly greet me with hugs, which never happened before I was cheated on, now the whole ordeal is being commented on by her inappropriate girlfriend. The last thing I want to hear are sarcastic remarks about an event that almost ended my best relationship, and I especially don't want to hear them from the girlfriend of Girl I love to hate. Girl I love to hate hasn't even acknowledged the incident happened to me, so why does Ms. Inappropriate have to?

Needless to say, Ms. Inappropriate managed to reactivate all of those feelings that took me almost a year to sort through and manage. Thanks!
*Some people don't break up after such an event.
**Ms. Inappropriate was not in the picture when I was cheated on. So, no, I wouldn't say that "it's only fair."

24 July 2008

I can't believe it's only 2 1/2 weeks away

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I have spent the last two years of my life either coming up with a strategy to get into a top law school (which didn't work as planned, fyi), studying for the $%(@ing LSAT, writing personal statements, applying, agonizing over responses from schools, researching law school study methods, deciding on which note taking software is best (Circus Ponies), buying study aids off of Amazon, and god knows what else. It's almost over.

This last stretch here is actually a little boring. I only have a week left at my job, and boy are they making me work for my measly paycheck. I am moving to a new city the weekend before Orientation starts. I have no savings because I decided my money was better spent on a couple awesome vacations. It's funny, actually, all of this preparation and what I'm most worried about right now is money. The absence of it is making me feel so unprepared. I've just been telling everyone that I'm "practicing" living like a student.

I'm excited. Ultimately, yeah, excited. But more for meeting new people and moving to a new town (change is good). Is that bad?

17 July 2008

I didn't get that place.

Posted by Shake sense into me

Pft. Whatever. I was her "second choice." I bet she told everyone that.

The good news is that I found another place, but the bad news is that I will have to live with a roommate. I really didn't want to have a roommate during law school, but beggars can't be choosers, right? The complex is pet friendly and I'm hoping that doesn't translate into flea-infested.

Now my dilemma is how to afford a new computer and moving expenses. I can already feel the weight of the debt load I'm about to encounter.

So...apparently my income was so ASTOUNDING that I received a call from a potential landlord. I couldn't remember if today was opposite day or not, but apparently having a low income has paid off! My rental application has been noticed! I follow direction and know the difference between a "personal check" (one that will bounce), "cash" (it's illegal to send though the US mail...who knew! Or didn't know...), and a "money order." I stood myself in line with all the other "money order" folks, you know, the ones that can't be trusted? Well, that's my line! I know those people! I can get that at the grocery store! Success.

...not so fast. Future landlord wants to know about my income, if it will decrease since it was apparently quite noticeable that I listed my current job in another city that is quite aways away; and this future landlord must really be Miss Remembers Things You Wish You Never Told Her, because she remembers that I said I would be attending law school next fall, would I be commuting so far for my job?

I had some 'splainin to do.

(but I bake!)

07 July 2008

Monday night's bake night in black & white

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Some people garden for therapy...but I bake.
Check out Bake or Break's recipe for Black & White's. They were pretty easy to make and I've always wanted to try them. The best part about them is the chocolate cake and chocolate chips. I used Scharffen Berger cocoa which made the chocolate part even better. It's recommended to use mini chips but I didn't have those so I opted for regular and it turned out just splendid, although I think next time I will try and find mini chips. I always use milk chocolate chips in place of semi-sweet - for some reason, it just tastes better that way.

These were pretty delicious, but my favorite cupcake is still this one from Bakerella - although I opted for sprinkles instead of candy hearts.

06 July 2008

"But I'm a future LAWYER!"

Posted by Shake sense into me

Finding a place to live in my law school city has proved to be...well, fruitless to say the least. Apparently the words "student" and "no income" fail to put you at the top of your prospective landlord's list of possible tenants. Baked goods don't help, either. I have called 5 different apartment complexes to no answer or returned calls. This is not good.

Life seemed good when I responded to an add somebody placed for a roommate from another prospective student at my prospective school. We e-mailed back and forth, traded voicemail messages, and then...she bailed. So I said to myself, "Don't let that one get you down! Let's try another!" So I did. This one had three different names she responded to, but I thought she was just being paranoid (and I could forgive that), or she was schizo (and hey, aren't we all a little schizo?). We exchanged multiple e-mails and even had a long conversation on the phone. I thought for sure this one would work out - she was even already set on a place and confident we could get it! I woke up the next morning to search the classifieds only to find another post from the three-named gal for a roommate...I guess we didn't hit it off? I felt kind of like Carrie Bradshaw when she got dumped via post-it note: he even brought her pink carnations! It seemed like it would work!

So, at this point, I've asked about...3 different people to be my roommate and I am actively searching with all of them as well as for myself. Is this bad? They don't know about each other. I saw a cute yet homely (yes, homely - not homey) place yesterday that I will be applying for, unbeknownst to my potential roomies. Something tells me, however, when this one sees my "Monthly Income" she won't be too pleased with me and I will go to the bottom of her list :( . Plus when I saw her place, I was unaware, but apparently my pink underwear was visible through my cute, white, flowery skirt (I try to dress nice and look what happens! Way to backfire!).

I have...37 days until I need to move in somewhere, or else I will have to spend $200/month on an 1.5 hour commute twice a day and that is not in my budget!

01 April 2008

The past = torture + satisfaction^2

Posted by Shake sense into me

I used April Fools Day to go exploring into my past musical tastes. It was both embarassing (thus torturous) but also left me with a strange feeling of elation. Let me just remind all of you how old(young) I am:

One of my favorite songs in 5th grade - Basketcase by Greenday. Wow. I have an explicit memory of the popular girl in my class singing the lyrics to this song, and wondering what it was called. My shy self quietly said, "Basketcase?" To the popular girls amazement, I was correct, and thus congratulated on my knowledge of music. If I remember correctly, it was also the number one song that year on billboard....so I wasn't the only one that liked it. I have the feeling Greenday wasn't really targeting 5th graders...but now I totally understand the popularity of bands I've never heard of today - "tweens." I was one.

This brings me to my next point - Good Charlotte. I've seen them live. I paid for a ticket. I don't remember liking their music, the only song I can recall is "Motivation Proclamation;" but I had a t-shirt.

And then there is No Doubt. My first CD purchase was their self titled album. I remember every song on that CD up until "Don't Speak." I remember jumping up and down and mouthing the lyrics to "Happy Now" and "Excuse Me Mr." after playing hookie from school. In fact, I remember playing hookie with the intentions of doing such. What a freak I was. Even more freaky, my best friend and I would plan to play hooky just so we could play "school." We would trade off being teachers. I think this was 4-6th grade but I can't be certain. I might have done this yesterday...

Nonetheless, my credit card balance ends in something like ".45" because I purchased so many songs on iTunes tonight.

It's so strange to go through my past like that. I was such an awkward, dorky little thing. I would sit on the bus on the way home, fantasizing about who I'd be when I grew up. I can't help but wonder if that little girl would be happy about who I am now. I'm not so sure...but my life is dedicated to gain her approval.

26 March 2008

I want to start this by saying...

Posted by Shake sense into me

Not a single person I know in real life will know about this blog.

I certainly do not intend to disparage others or hide behind my anonymity for any reason other than I do not wish to share these thoughts with anyone other than those that I don't know, or those that I don't know I know.

This blog is starting at a period in my life where I'm going through some changes. I'm a mid-twenties girl who is on the brink of a break up from a long term relationship and a move to a new city. I imagine my posts will wander from woe-is-me to what-the-fuck and beyond.

I think I should document this for the world to read. Plus, it gives me something to do rather than cry myself to sleep (see, there I go already with the woe-is-me). Prepare yourselves.

15 March 2008

Why shake sense into me?

Posted by Shake sense into me

I have my reasons and I'm giving them to you:

  1. because I am going to a second-tier law school and hoping for a good job at the end of the journey - some might call this crazy;
  2. because I am blogging about law school life just like the million other law students;
  3. because I often react before I think, which should make for some interesting posts that maybe somebody who thought long and hard wouldn't post;
  4. because even though I probably won't be number one in my class, I'm still going to try and get a job after law school, and I expect that I will have one;
  5. because I am going to be writing openly about my experiences which could potentially out me at some point;
  6. because I'm about to buy a car when gas prices are at their highest and my income is at it's lowest (as in zero);
  7. because I obsess about nearly everything.
I could probably post more reasons, but then it would just be a long list and perhaps the intent of this would be lost.  It all boils down to the fact that I can be an unreasonable, obsessive-compulsive person who doesn't think things through completely before diving in.  

Most of all, however, you should shake sense into me because I told you to.