01 April 2008

The past = torture + satisfaction^2

Posted by Shake sense into me

I used April Fools Day to go exploring into my past musical tastes. It was both embarassing (thus torturous) but also left me with a strange feeling of elation. Let me just remind all of you how old(young) I am:

One of my favorite songs in 5th grade - Basketcase by Greenday. Wow. I have an explicit memory of the popular girl in my class singing the lyrics to this song, and wondering what it was called. My shy self quietly said, "Basketcase?" To the popular girls amazement, I was correct, and thus congratulated on my knowledge of music. If I remember correctly, it was also the number one song that year on billboard....so I wasn't the only one that liked it. I have the feeling Greenday wasn't really targeting 5th graders...but now I totally understand the popularity of bands I've never heard of today - "tweens." I was one.

This brings me to my next point - Good Charlotte. I've seen them live. I paid for a ticket. I don't remember liking their music, the only song I can recall is "Motivation Proclamation;" but I had a t-shirt.

And then there is No Doubt. My first CD purchase was their self titled album. I remember every song on that CD up until "Don't Speak." I remember jumping up and down and mouthing the lyrics to "Happy Now" and "Excuse Me Mr." after playing hookie from school. In fact, I remember playing hookie with the intentions of doing such. What a freak I was. Even more freaky, my best friend and I would plan to play hooky just so we could play "school." We would trade off being teachers. I think this was 4-6th grade but I can't be certain. I might have done this yesterday...

Nonetheless, my credit card balance ends in something like ".45" because I purchased so many songs on iTunes tonight.

It's so strange to go through my past like that. I was such an awkward, dorky little thing. I would sit on the bus on the way home, fantasizing about who I'd be when I grew up. I can't help but wonder if that little girl would be happy about who I am now. I'm not so sure...but my life is dedicated to gain her approval.