13 December 2009

In which I realize ambition + hard work do not a good law student make

Posted by Shake sense into me

The missing element from that equation is a photographic memory. Of which, I do not have. But of all the students I have polled who are in the top 5% - they all claim to have a photographic memory. Maybe they do not actually have photographic memories; perhaps their claim is only a sign of their inflated egos and over-confidence, and thus their belief that they possess everything. Who knows.

I am stressing over here. I'm working very hard, but I don't think this should pan out for me. I desperately need to climb myself into the top 3rd of the class, and it is so within my reach, I just worry I won't be able to pull it off.

I am thisclose to being done with finals, but I still have to complete my comment for the journal. Not really looking forward to that. Thus, when I'm done, I'm not really done.

And so ends another pointless blog from yours truly. Kisses!


paragon2pieces said...

Good luck! I'm in much the same position and experiencing similar frustrations. Hopefully we both make it through and are able to enjoy winter break when the journal work is finally done and over with...

Anonymous said...

Watch the movie "The Paper Chase" -- there, a photographic memory does little to help in law school. (Disclaimer: very sad outcome for that student, but it speaks to the "application" versus "regurgitation" aspect of law school exams.)

Good luck!