15 March 2008

Why shake sense into me?

Posted by Shake sense into me

I have my reasons and I'm giving them to you:

  1. because I am going to a second-tier law school and hoping for a good job at the end of the journey - some might call this crazy;
  2. because I am blogging about law school life just like the million other law students;
  3. because I often react before I think, which should make for some interesting posts that maybe somebody who thought long and hard wouldn't post;
  4. because even though I probably won't be number one in my class, I'm still going to try and get a job after law school, and I expect that I will have one;
  5. because I am going to be writing openly about my experiences which could potentially out me at some point;
  6. because I'm about to buy a car when gas prices are at their highest and my income is at it's lowest (as in zero);
  7. because I obsess about nearly everything.
I could probably post more reasons, but then it would just be a long list and perhaps the intent of this would be lost.  It all boils down to the fact that I can be an unreasonable, obsessive-compulsive person who doesn't think things through completely before diving in.  

Most of all, however, you should shake sense into me because I told you to.