30 July 2008

Scary + exciting = alcohol

Posted by Shake sense into me

I figure I need to practice my drinking before entering the college-like atmosphere again.

Okay, maybe I shouldn't.  But it's the only thing that makes me forget that (1) I'm moving out of my apartment with my best roommate of all time; (2) I'm moving away from all the new friends I made in college and since college; and (3) that I'm going to flunk out of law school and I will never find a job to pay for the loans I'm taking out.

By the way, while I'm on the subject of money...why am I about to buy a new-to-me car?  I'm about ... oh ... $4k in debt right now that I can't pay more than the minimum on, and I have about $600 to my name.  I did one of those "Net Worth" graphs to post on here but I'm way to embarrassed about it to post the image.
This post is precisely why I need somebody to shake sense into me.  I'm a fool.

28 July 2008

The love part

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I wouldn't want to bore anyone with law school musings all the time....so this is the love post.

I went to a wedding last week and had the pleasure to sit at the same table as Ms. Inappropriate. Ms. Inappropriate happens to be the girlfriend of the girl I love to hate. Girl I love to hate is beautiful, and last night she looked exceptional as she was part of the bridal party. She had her last rendezvous with a boy a couple years ago with my boyfriend. Hence, I was cheated on by my boyfriend* with Girl I love to hate...which would be why I hate her. I love to hate her because she is so fucking beautiful.

Girl I love to hate has never apologized to me (boyfriend has, obviously). But her girlfriend, Ms. Inappropriate, loves to make snide remarks in my presence, and last night was no exception. The highlight of the evening was when she came up and danced with me, pushing my boyfriend away, saying, "Hey, it's only fair, right?"**  

Some people might like a comment like that. I'm really put off by it. Now not only do I have to deal with Girl I love to hate awkwardly greet me with hugs, which never happened before I was cheated on, now the whole ordeal is being commented on by her inappropriate girlfriend. The last thing I want to hear are sarcastic remarks about an event that almost ended my best relationship, and I especially don't want to hear them from the girlfriend of Girl I love to hate. Girl I love to hate hasn't even acknowledged the incident happened to me, so why does Ms. Inappropriate have to?

Needless to say, Ms. Inappropriate managed to reactivate all of those feelings that took me almost a year to sort through and manage. Thanks!
*Some people don't break up after such an event.
**Ms. Inappropriate was not in the picture when I was cheated on. So, no, I wouldn't say that "it's only fair."

24 July 2008

I can't believe it's only 2 1/2 weeks away

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I have spent the last two years of my life either coming up with a strategy to get into a top law school (which didn't work as planned, fyi), studying for the $%(@ing LSAT, writing personal statements, applying, agonizing over responses from schools, researching law school study methods, deciding on which note taking software is best (Circus Ponies), buying study aids off of Amazon, and god knows what else. It's almost over.

This last stretch here is actually a little boring. I only have a week left at my job, and boy are they making me work for my measly paycheck. I am moving to a new city the weekend before Orientation starts. I have no savings because I decided my money was better spent on a couple awesome vacations. It's funny, actually, all of this preparation and what I'm most worried about right now is money. The absence of it is making me feel so unprepared. I've just been telling everyone that I'm "practicing" living like a student.

I'm excited. Ultimately, yeah, excited. But more for meeting new people and moving to a new town (change is good). Is that bad?

17 July 2008

I didn't get that place.

Posted by Shake sense into me

Pft. Whatever. I was her "second choice." I bet she told everyone that.

The good news is that I found another place, but the bad news is that I will have to live with a roommate. I really didn't want to have a roommate during law school, but beggars can't be choosers, right? The complex is pet friendly and I'm hoping that doesn't translate into flea-infested.

Now my dilemma is how to afford a new computer and moving expenses. I can already feel the weight of the debt load I'm about to encounter.

So...apparently my income was so ASTOUNDING that I received a call from a potential landlord. I couldn't remember if today was opposite day or not, but apparently having a low income has paid off! My rental application has been noticed! I follow direction and know the difference between a "personal check" (one that will bounce), "cash" (it's illegal to send though the US mail...who knew! Or didn't know...), and a "money order." I stood myself in line with all the other "money order" folks, you know, the ones that can't be trusted? Well, that's my line! I know those people! I can get that at the grocery store! Success.

...not so fast. Future landlord wants to know about my income, if it will decrease since it was apparently quite noticeable that I listed my current job in another city that is quite aways away; and this future landlord must really be Miss Remembers Things You Wish You Never Told Her, because she remembers that I said I would be attending law school next fall, would I be commuting so far for my job?

I had some 'splainin to do.

(but I bake!)

07 July 2008

Monday night's bake night in black & white

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Some people garden for therapy...but I bake.
Check out Bake or Break's recipe for Black & White's. They were pretty easy to make and I've always wanted to try them. The best part about them is the chocolate cake and chocolate chips. I used Scharffen Berger cocoa which made the chocolate part even better. It's recommended to use mini chips but I didn't have those so I opted for regular and it turned out just splendid, although I think next time I will try and find mini chips. I always use milk chocolate chips in place of semi-sweet - for some reason, it just tastes better that way.

These were pretty delicious, but my favorite cupcake is still this one from Bakerella - although I opted for sprinkles instead of candy hearts.

06 July 2008

"But I'm a future LAWYER!"

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Finding a place to live in my law school city has proved to be...well, fruitless to say the least. Apparently the words "student" and "no income" fail to put you at the top of your prospective landlord's list of possible tenants. Baked goods don't help, either. I have called 5 different apartment complexes to no answer or returned calls. This is not good.

Life seemed good when I responded to an add somebody placed for a roommate from another prospective student at my prospective school. We e-mailed back and forth, traded voicemail messages, and then...she bailed. So I said to myself, "Don't let that one get you down! Let's try another!" So I did. This one had three different names she responded to, but I thought she was just being paranoid (and I could forgive that), or she was schizo (and hey, aren't we all a little schizo?). We exchanged multiple e-mails and even had a long conversation on the phone. I thought for sure this one would work out - she was even already set on a place and confident we could get it! I woke up the next morning to search the classifieds only to find another post from the three-named gal for a roommate...I guess we didn't hit it off? I felt kind of like Carrie Bradshaw when she got dumped via post-it note: he even brought her pink carnations! It seemed like it would work!

So, at this point, I've asked about...3 different people to be my roommate and I am actively searching with all of them as well as for myself. Is this bad? They don't know about each other. I saw a cute yet homely (yes, homely - not homey) place yesterday that I will be applying for, unbeknownst to my potential roomies. Something tells me, however, when this one sees my "Monthly Income" she won't be too pleased with me and I will go to the bottom of her list :( . Plus when I saw her place, I was unaware, but apparently my pink underwear was visible through my cute, white, flowery skirt (I try to dress nice and look what happens! Way to backfire!).

I have...37 days until I need to move in somewhere, or else I will have to spend $200/month on an 1.5 hour commute twice a day and that is not in my budget!