23 March 2009

Putting off sleep

Posted by Shake sense into me

I know my reader out there will discover that I've posted at some point. Ya, I'm talking to you. Sorry for my laziness.

Law school is draining. I think it's a combination of the rigorous work schedule + social schedule. There is an event - and I'm not talking about law students organizing on their own to go feed their alcoholism and other drug addictions - for every club under the sun every day of the week.

I don't have much time, for sleep or for posting, so I shall summarize in the form of a numbered list.

  1. Type A's unite in law school. I wish I was not one.
  2. Law prom. Because all those rejection letters from law firms aren't enough.
  3. The library - best place to flirt without any negative repercussions. This is likely due to the unavailability of alcohol.
  4. Spring break - I don't know anyone who studied, but I'm sure someone did.
  5. Facebook has become the new outlet for emotionally distressed law students to tell everyone what's on their mind via their status, and it's quite entertaining. Especially when the status' reflect ridiculous song lyrics or are passive aggressive jabs at someone in class.
  6. There comes a point when one is tired of hearing of others successes.
  7. Being the butt of very public sexual innuendo jokes is tiring and beginning to make my girly parts reek of male-repellent.
  8. I got so angry that I ran for 10 minutes. I do not run.
  9. Law students like to advertise two things: how great they are and how much they suck. The curve for these competitions is harsher than the 1L curve.


me said...

I would say that we go to the same school, but I think every school fits all 9 of your categories...

Anonymous said...

"Law students like to advertise two things: how great they are and how much they suck." That is SO true.

And we have emo-facebook status guy at our school too. Although when his birthday came around several girls baked things for him to make him feel better!

Shazz said...

LOVE #3, 5, 9. So true.