25 November 2008


Posted by Shake sense into me

I think elaboration is necessary to my last post and I promise to do that.

I know that people will find themselves in my situation and feel like I feel, and it sucks. But, there is a line I keep reminding myself of in "Law School Confidential" that says "Have you ever willed yourself through something?"

You gotta will yourself through law school. And never forget why you came in the first place, never.

I'll be back. I promise!


Law Ingenue said...

Hang in there. After the first term or two, things start to feel normal (or at least normal for law school.) I thought I was going crazy during my first term, but I'm still here and headed into my sixth term.

Lawful Lady said...

hang in there. just know you're not alone and we're all a mess in some way or another. it's just not as obvious with some people. best of luck on finals and glad to see you're alive!