28 November 2008

Preparing for exams.

Posted by Shake sense into me

You know those people in undergrad that don't do any work until the night before and still pull of B's or better?

Fuck 'em.

I seriously hate those people. And stop sitting next to me at the library.

It is apparent who is putting in the work and who is not - and just because you are always in the library doesn't mean that you are always working. I smirk at those on perezhilton.com, because I'm so there...

I've been studying my butt off, actually since the middle of October I've made a little home in the library.

What I PLANNED on doing, was reading the E&E's before each concept, clarifying in hornbooks. What I DID was read the cases, and then I did CALI lessons before class. I can honestly say that I often couldn't follow in class. There were days when I could, and days when I couldn't. It was tough. I think for me it was mostly a language problem - I wasn't an english major, or philosophy, or anything impressive.

I will tell you that at each and every review, I was able to follow. I may not be able to recite the particular facts of each case, but I do know the rules, generally, and how they apply or how a case demonstrates the application of a rule. And I think that's good.

I will say that my outlines are not complete yet. And that is scary.


Silly Little Law Student said...

Don't worry if your outlines aren't complete.... or even if you outline at all. You'll be just fine. Knowing the rules and being able to apply them as early as the review session is a terrific thing. Good luck with your first set of finals!