02 December 2008

Um, regressing back to high school...

Posted by Shake sense into me

So, after college, I used to be very hip to cool music. Stuff that my friends liked, jazz, some classical, and even super hip indie rock.

Well, guess what folks, the most exciting part of my day today was realizing that I pre-ordered Britney Spears new CD and it was coming in via i-Tunes.


Law School Side Effects: You may experience frequent headaches, nausea, hang-overs, poor decisions on bed buddies, and you may start to like boy bands such as Backstreet Boys and girl pop like Britney Spears. Please seek therapy if you experience multiple side effects at once, it may be the sign of a greater condition, such as bi-polar disorder.


Lawful Lady said...

ha! i totally dvred "Britney Spears: For the Record."