12 December 2008

Remember this?

Posted by Shake sense into me

This little gem.

Here it is, revisited, a semester under my belt:

Then Hair color: light brown
Now Hair Color: light brown. I guess a semester can't change my hair color!

Then Weight:
140 (I don't have a scale, but Jay does and I this was my weight last I checked over there)
Now Weight: Just weighed myself - 131. Stress induced for sure.

Then Relationship Status:
still in it to win it with Jay
Now Relationship Status: It is no more.

Then Fingernail length: pretty short since i bite them by habit
Now Fingenail length: I bet they are shorter now then they were.

Then Law school friend count: 2* [roommate + gossip girl; i am not counting neighbor because i dislike him]
Now Law school friend count: It's hard to count, to be honest. I feel like I have made at least 2 friends I will keep for a long time, one of those being gossip girl. I am friendly with just about everybody, so I guess I have about 15 "new" friends.

Then Favorite law school class: torts [it comes easiest]
Now Favorite law school class: Right now I hate them all! But Torts - the least hated.

Then Least favorite law school class: civil procedure [i don't get it yet, and i used to be a legal secretary]
Now Least favorite law school class: I am sticking with civ pro.

Then Time spent studying each day: about 7.5 hours [2pm until 11PM M-Th with about an hour and a half of goofing off time; this seems excessive as I know I don't get that much done in so much time. Sat/Sun are different since I am currently taking one of those days off and the other I will study more hours but I'll do more in between.]
Now Time spent studying each day: Well, since I'm done - none. During finals, pretty much 14 hours a day. But I will say I cut my studying down to about 4 hours a day from the 7.5. That was draining. On weekends I did about 8 hours a day, and sometimes took a day off.

Then Supplemental materials purchased: 11 - one E&E for each class (besides legal writing), one hornbook for each, and then I have a canned brief book for civ pro, and a random outline book for contracts. I also have Getting to Maybe, and I've read about half of it. I should probably continue reading it....which brings me to my next question:
Now Supplemental materials purchased: the only thing I have to add are those Law in a Flash cards. Those are great! Oh and Barbri first year prep book.

Then Read Getting to Maybe?: See above.
Now Read Getting to Maybe: Well, never finished.

Then Bar Reviews attended: 0 [there has not been one yet]
Now Bar Reviews attended: I went to all but one. I think there were only 3 though. Hah!

Then Drinks had with classmates: 1 [i don't even know if this counts as it was before orientation week even started..]
Now Drinks had with classmates: too many to count, almost consistently every weekend with a couple exceptions.

Then Therapeutic shopping trips: 1 [i only count clothing shopping in this since that is what i generally do when i'm upset]
Now Therapeutic shopping trips: Oh. So. Many. Again, too many to count. But I haven't been in over a month because I'm too poor.

Then How many times I've cried after class: 1
Now How many times I've cried after class: This question was meant to say how many times class made me cry - other things have made me cry, a lot. But class...still just that one time. You get used to being embarrassed after awhile, and people tend to let it go.

Well, I'm done with my finals. Now onto a month full of family fun and trying to find myself again. I definitely feel like I am a different person now, and it sucks, because I was happy with who I was. Hopefully happiness can be had again.


PT-LawMom said...

(((HUGS))) Sorry to hear about the guy. And the tears. :( Good luck with exams!