02 December 2008

Everybody feels bad after the _______________ final.

Posted by Shake sense into me

I think the blank could be filled in for any class...how am I supposed to prepare for the rest of finals with that shitty experience behind me? I feel so defeated.

I feel really shitty after that one. Yuck. I ran out of time, didn't get to spell check, I don't feel like I wrote enough...and it was on something I didn't expect.

I am just hoping that somebody did worse than I did. There are a few over confident people that thought they nailed it, and then mostly people like me feel completely terrible about it.

Yikes. This is awful.

Good news...I'm mending my personal life back together. And that's the best thing ever.


Lawful Lady said...

congrats on your personal life first of all. as far as your exam, don't sweat it. people who feel terrible end up doing fine and people who felt good bomb (hope that's not too true, b/c i feel good. not b/c i think i aced it or anything, b ut just b/c what's the point in beating yourself up?) Onward to exam two!!! congrats on getting through your first law school exam. That's a big deal on its own as far as i'm concerned. on that note, as i just finished my first exam, i'm going to reward myself with fries. Good luck on the rest and sorry for the rambling comment..