01 September 2008

I completely made this up but I thought it would be a good exercise

Posted by Shake sense into me

What I was like 2 weeks into law school (I wish I would have done this before law school ever started):

Hair color:  light brown
Weight:  140 (I don't have a scale, but Jay does and I this was my weight last I checked over there)
Relationship Status:  still in it to win it with Jay
Fingernail length:  pretty short since i bite them by habit
Law school friend count:  2* [roommate + gossip girl; i am not counting neighbor because i dislike him]
Favorite law school class:  torts [it comes easiest]
Least favorite law school class: civil procedure [i don't get it yet, and i used to be a legal secretary]
Time spent studying each day:  about 7.5 hours [2pm until 11PM M-Th with about an hour and a half of goofing off time; this seems excessive as I know I don't get that much done in so much time.  Sat/Sun are different since I am currently taking one of those days off and the other I will study more hours but I'll do more in between.]
Supplemental materials purchased:  11 - one E&E for each class (besides legal writing), one hornbook for each, and then I have a canned brief book for civ pro, and a random outline book for contracts.  I also have Getting to Maybe, and I've read about half of it.  I should probably continue reading it....which brings me to my next question:
Read Getting to Maybe?:  See above.
Bar Reviews attended:  0 [there has not been one yet]
Drinks had with classmates: 1 [i don't even know if this counts as it was before orientation week even started..]
Therapeutic shopping trips:  1 [i only count clothing shopping in this since that is what i generally do when i'm upset]
How many times I've cried after class:  

I guess I'll go back and do this again at the end of December to see what's different.  If anyone can think of any other questions, let me know.  This could be fun.  Feel free to take it and fill it out if you want to.  I'd love to procrastinate by reading your answers!

*I know this seems low but I'm being scientific here.  This is the number I feel comfortable with.