09 November 2009

I don't give a flying ____.

Posted by Shake sense into me

I know, I know, I know - I'm dramatic. Just bear with me. This will be quick and painless.

I'm done with my law review assignment. By done, I mean, I put in about 20 percent of the effort that is required, and turned in a few pieces of paper with tidbits of research.

This is after I spent all weekend "working" on it. And by "working," I of course mean watching random You Tube videos, stalking people on Facebook, and running away from my psycho cat who is in the midst of a biting-playfully-yet-painfully phase.

I'm actually pleased with my mood right now. I couldn't give two shits about what I just turned in. It isn't for a grade. I know I could have turned in something better, but my priorities right now are the classes that count. My apologies to the prestigious-and-all-important law review people. I'll give you a bit more attention after finals are over, promise.

Also, in regards to the flower incident, I've been lusting and listening to love songs. It's okay, I vomited too - all over myself and my new iTune's playlist. I'll get over it. Ooh - I am even looking forward to the bitter phase after I realize this is all a ploy to get in my pants! Ahhh, to look forward to things...such a gift.

Oh, and another thing - two posts in two days? Weird.