30 July 2008

Scary + exciting = alcohol

Posted by Shake sense into me

I figure I need to practice my drinking before entering the college-like atmosphere again.

Okay, maybe I shouldn't.  But it's the only thing that makes me forget that (1) I'm moving out of my apartment with my best roommate of all time; (2) I'm moving away from all the new friends I made in college and since college; and (3) that I'm going to flunk out of law school and I will never find a job to pay for the loans I'm taking out.

By the way, while I'm on the subject of money...why am I about to buy a new-to-me car?  I'm about ... oh ... $4k in debt right now that I can't pay more than the minimum on, and I have about $600 to my name.  I did one of those "Net Worth" graphs to post on here but I'm way to embarrassed about it to post the image.
This post is precisely why I need somebody to shake sense into me.  I'm a fool.