28 July 2008

The love part

Posted by Shake sense into me

I wouldn't want to bore anyone with law school musings all the time....so this is the love post.

I went to a wedding last week and had the pleasure to sit at the same table as Ms. Inappropriate. Ms. Inappropriate happens to be the girlfriend of the girl I love to hate. Girl I love to hate is beautiful, and last night she looked exceptional as she was part of the bridal party. She had her last rendezvous with a boy a couple years ago with my boyfriend. Hence, I was cheated on by my boyfriend* with Girl I love to hate...which would be why I hate her. I love to hate her because she is so fucking beautiful.

Girl I love to hate has never apologized to me (boyfriend has, obviously). But her girlfriend, Ms. Inappropriate, loves to make snide remarks in my presence, and last night was no exception. The highlight of the evening was when she came up and danced with me, pushing my boyfriend away, saying, "Hey, it's only fair, right?"**  

Some people might like a comment like that. I'm really put off by it. Now not only do I have to deal with Girl I love to hate awkwardly greet me with hugs, which never happened before I was cheated on, now the whole ordeal is being commented on by her inappropriate girlfriend. The last thing I want to hear are sarcastic remarks about an event that almost ended my best relationship, and I especially don't want to hear them from the girlfriend of Girl I love to hate. Girl I love to hate hasn't even acknowledged the incident happened to me, so why does Ms. Inappropriate have to?

Needless to say, Ms. Inappropriate managed to reactivate all of those feelings that took me almost a year to sort through and manage. Thanks!
*Some people don't break up after such an event.
**Ms. Inappropriate was not in the picture when I was cheated on. So, no, I wouldn't say that "it's only fair."


The Legal Optimist said...

Oh awkward! I hope you don't have to deal with that girl too often.

Good luck starting law school -- we're in this together and I don't find "law school musings" boring at all!