So...apparently my income was so ASTOUNDING that I received a call from a potential landlord. I couldn't remember if today was opposite day or not, but apparently having a low income has paid off! My rental application has been noticed! I follow direction and know the difference between a "personal check" (one that will bounce), "cash" (it's illegal to send though the US mail...who knew! Or didn't know...), and a "money order." I stood myself in line with all the other "money order" folks, you know, the ones that can't be trusted? Well, that's my line! I know those people! I can get that at the grocery store! Success.

...not so fast. Future landlord wants to know about my income, if it will decrease since it was apparently quite noticeable that I listed my current job in another city that is quite aways away; and this future landlord must really be Miss Remembers Things You Wish You Never Told Her, because she remembers that I said I would be attending law school next fall, would I be commuting so far for my job?

I had some 'splainin to do.

(but I bake!)