16 May 2009

I'll cut out the melo-dramatics after finals.

Posted by Shake sense into me

I came across this post at Starting to Melt, and it is so true. Personally, this whole law school thing has gotten in between me and many friendships. It seems a little unfair, because it is true that some students manage to balance their old lives with their new lives, but for many of us it is truly impossible and we are either neglecting law school (and thus feeling guilty) or neglecting friends and family (and thus feeling guilty). It sucks. And for those that don't understand, or feel that law school should not take priority, or that there are more important things in life...the pressure gets to us, it gets to a lot of people. And our only way to deal is to give up law school, or life, and we constantly swing back and forth, and those in our lives that don't understand or refuse to let us be selfish for a second...don't usually remain in our lives.

I'm not saying that it isn't our fault that we can't handle it, or that we handle it in the ridiculous ways that we do...but a little understanding goes a long way. And for a first year law student - to be selfish is the only way to make it work.


K said...

I'm glad that J and my best friend have both been through law school already and know how I'm feeling.

I just wish I could tell my parents something so that they would understand.

I kept saying things like, "No, seriously, I've been studying for literally 12 straight hours, no breaks." And the parents were like, "Whatever, that's impossible."

I hear ya!