30 May 2009


Posted by Shake sense into me

I've been tagged! I love these things...(thanks lawful lady!) Here it is, The Best and the Worst of my first year in law school.

Best memory: I have two great memories, and I can't choose between them. The first occurred mid-first semester, when a group of about 10 of us went out to dinner and a bar, and sang karaoke at the top of our lungs. At that point, I knew that some of the people in my class were real gems that would stay in my life for a long time. It also helped me feel like I was a part of something, and like I had friends and people that liked me. I blogged about the trials and tribulations of first semester, but that night was awesome and something I will always remember fondly.

The next memory that was great was when I checked grades and had an A. I never thought I could ever get an A in anything in law school, and the fact that I pulled that off really gave me a huge sense of accomplishment.

Worst memory: First semester was a really rocky ride for me, and this post comes to mind when I think of my worst memory because it sums up all the mistakes I made that only weakened my spirit. There isn't one thing I can point to that stands out because I messed up so many times over my first year, that I think the result is really what's horrible. Result being my rock bottom self-worth. While I know in my head that I have a lot going for me, for some reason after everything, law school has left me feeling hopeless.

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