11 May 2009

What happens when you fail a class:

Posted by Shake sense into me

Technically I suppose the procedure is different at every law school for the real steps one goes through when failing. Some schools, one failing grade isn't the end-all be all; some schools you need a couple before they will give you extra help; and some schools require you to take a mini-bar exam before they let you back in. I don't seriously think I'll be facing any of these prospects.

Right now, I'm counting my blessings that I have a job, don't have my actual grade in the class (though I'm certain it's going to be a grade that is not passing), and it will *hopefully* be my lowest grade in law school.

So...while I feel defeated by the prospect of receiving a bad grade, I likely earned it since I couldn't write down what I knew on exam day because I was gripped in fear from the questions, I must move on and just chalk it up to a bad day.


Taco John said...

It might not be the first rule of law school, or even the first rule of law school exams, but it's an important one:

Never guess or assume what your grade was on exam until you actually get the grade.