27 May 2009

It was terrifying.

Posted by Shake sense into me

So, ya, there was a lot of paperwork to be filled out yesterday for sure. However, I also had to sit down and actually work, too.

A million questions come into my head. And I'm afraid to ask them.

Does the firm have an unlimited account with Westlaw?
Am I taking too long on a seemingly simple research task?
How long is too long?
Can I be fired?
Will I be fired?
Please don't fire me!?
How do I make coffee?
Who is the cool secretary that will help me out?
Is there a cool secretary that will help me out?
Should it feel like I'm competing amongst the other clerks or that we are old friends?
If I work overtime, should I actually say so on my timesheet, or should I just put the regular hours and not mention the extra?

I've had a job where they hold your hand through the process, and one where I had to learn on my own. This is the one where I guess I have to learn on my own. Only ask necessary questions. But I really, really want to be introduced to the cool person who will tell me like it is...


walkwithmetothemoon said...

Oh I hope you will find that coolsomeone who would be ca enough to answer those questions.

Lawful Lady said...

Congrats on your summer job! BTW I tagged you! :)

Elle said...

Hello Anny Mouse [okay, I made that name up out of "anonymous" based on a joke my 7th grade teacher uesd to make]

I highly highly highly encourage you to read the book: "What law school doesn't teach you, but you really should know" by Kimm Walton. You can order one on Amazon for super cheap. In it she answers all the questions you posted and lots of others. AND it's entertaining, so that's a plus.

I wrote some about it here http://freshthoughtsoup.wordpress.com/2009/05/04/pre-l-more-recommended-reading/

good luck. :)

paragon2pieces said...

well, at least Westlaw will hold your hand through the process. logging on to Westlaw at Summer Firm always freaks me out because i envision a $100,000 research bill, so now i routinely call their help line before i log on. they help you make sure you're on the right track before you start spending the clients money. helps me sleep at night. seriously.