01 August 2008

I recommend cleaning before you start packing

Posted by Shake sense into me

...because it's a lot easier that way.  At least I imagine it's a lot easier that way, but my lazy ass prefers to do things the hard way.  It's more challenging this way!

Yesterday was my last day at work.  I really hope that I never have to make copies for someone else again, but something tells me I will.  At least it won't be in my job description anymore.  I hope, that is.  Please.  I have grown to understand many a different copy machine in the last 4 years, but I refuse to put this skill on my resume:  "Copy documents 46% faster than coworkers."

Since today is my first official day of unemployment, I used it to format my computer and all that fun stuff.  In spite of all the naysayers, I've decided to stick with using my Mac for law school.  So today I partitioned the hard drive and got windows all set up.  I just hope nothing goes wrong on that end.  I plan on only using the windows side for exams.

That was a boring paragraph.

Oh and remember that post a couple days ago about Ms. Inappropriate?  Turns out she gave everyone hickies by the end of the night.  Glad I left before that happened.