20 September 2008

A post of relevance

Posted by Shake sense into me

This week the pressure was on.  I definitely felt it.  Kinda like the first week all over again.  I kept getting asked about outlines, when I'm outlining, how I'm outlining, can I send someone my outline, etc.  I keep telling everyone I'm not starting until October, but in reality I have already started.  The problem is that my outlines are awful.  I'm rehashing my criminal law outline today, but it's hard to even start.  In class all we do is debate the sides - someone argue for prosecution, someone argue for defense - every day.  I don't feel like I'm pulling out elements or anything substantial that I could use on a test.  So, my dilemma is what exactly to put in my outline.  Right now I have mini briefs - issue, rule, application - for each concept.  But reading over it is not very helpful.  I've become accustomed to reading my supplements more and taking notes from them because I can't pull anything out of these case books besides the cases (and there are some helpful notes after cases).  I hesitate to rely on my supplements for my outlines - but I'm almost to that point.  Any advice on this?  

Do I still LOVE LOVE LOVE my classmates?
My infatuation with my section is approaching a demise.  Most of the guys are in law school to hook up with girls - and what I thought was fun and flirty has turned into dirty, offensive, and immature.  There are a few exceptions and I have met some wonderful girlfriends that I hope to keep forever.
There also seems to be this prerequisite for male law students - cockiness.  I am quite positive many of them think I'm an idiot based on their own standard of evaluating others in comparison to their "super human intelligence."  I keep thinking how sad it's going to be when many of these guys get their grades in January.  They can't all be the smartest.

There is definitely more I have to say...but it's early...and when I say that I mean it's approaching noon and I'm tired...and I really do want to get a lot of studying done this weekend...but really what this all means is that I will be back soon to procrastinate more on this lovely blog.


Law Ingenue said...

Check out your school's SBA to see if they offer outlines for the classes you are in.

While I don't recommend just using those, they might help you craft your own outline that you write yourself.

I myself make flash cards instead of outlines, but that's just me. Do what works best for you.

Shake sense into me said...

Flashcards are a good idea. What about those pre-made ones? I know a couple of people who bought those. I imagine they aren't as useful as they would be if you made them yourself..any thoughts on them, though?

Law Ingenue said...

I love pre-made flash cards. I add them to my hand-made ones as a bonus. They have great scenarios on them!

Lawful Lady said...

No advice here, just wanted to tell you I tagged you.