07 September 2008

Observations, revisited

Posted by Shake sense into me

I have been busy lately doing things with classmates besides studying - which is pretty awesome.  My outlook is a bit better, although my school is still full of egotistical assbags, some of them I can tolerate more than I used to.  
I've been having a lot of trouble with Contracts recently - I highly recommend the hornbook on Contracts by Calamari and Perillo if you're always like WTF?  in contracts.  It's not as complicated as I thought it was.
I've come to realize that I am among the older crowd at my school.  This is a little strange.  I am only in my mid twenties, yet there are numerous 19-21 year olds around me.  Weird.  


no634 said...

19? In law school?

I feel like one of youngin's in my school, and I'm 22.

Kel said...

Completely agree with first and last. Can't say anything about the second since I don't have contracts this term.

Shake sense into me said...

yes 19!! I can't believe it either. it's making me feel old, and I'm too young to feel old!

Lawful Lady said...

I am so with you. I am 24 and I am like the grandma of my class. I told my newfound friends that my 25th birthday is in January and they made fun of me. 21, both of them. *sigh*

And congrats on your new outlook!

Random Esquire said...

Egotistical assbags. heh.

Yeah, I think the general rule is that if you don't know who the class asshole is...it's you.

As for age...I was 24 when I went.