03 September 2008


Posted by Shake sense into me

  1. It seems that there aren't very many single folks at my school.  Lots of married/engaged/engaged to be engaged.  
  2. Food selection around the campus sucks.
  3. There are quite a few obvious leaches that go to any event just for the free lunch.
  4. General response when asked by upperclassmen what year I am:  "Awwwwwwww!"  Is my massive backpack what is so cute in comparison to your Kate Spade tote?  Hmm....I disagree.
  5. Back to free lunches.  I'm not one of those leaches (yet) but damn, there are a lot of free lunch opportunities.  I'm not sure I can really blame the leaches.
  6. I don't have a single professor that I dislike.  
  7. Everyone seems to have one, two, or four people they are with allthetime.  Everyone, in turn, when you are away from your posse, says, "Hey where that other person that is with you all the time?" or, "Oh are you looking for that person you are with all the time?"  Hmmmm.  
  8. I love noticing the roommate situations that are also in the same section.  One day, you don't see one roomie without the other.  The next, you never find them together and they choose to sit on opposite sides of the room when and where they can.  The next day, reunited!  I sense roommate fallout.
  9. The upper-class accent.  There are some, well, really just one I've noticed, that pronounce every syllable perfectly in every word, and always emphasize certain words.  They use words I haven't gotten to, like "estopped" in sentences between friends.  I can't help but think of lolcat speak when I hear words like this.  Estoppeh teh stoopit!
  10. I like to yell, "INTENTIONAL TORT OF BATTERY!!" when I am touched in the hallway.  
  11. Which brings me to my next point, law students are touchy feely.  Squeezing love handles as a greeting is creepy.  
  12. Funny t-shirt guy.  I've never seen him wear a non-funny t-shirt.  They just get funnier.
  13. I drink a lot less than I used to so far.  
  14. A lot of non-drinkers in my section.
  15. A lot of former professional bakers.  Puts me to shame.  I just bake for fun.
  16. Study-group tension leads to the study-group musical chairs.  Their loss is my gain!  
  17. The smart and pretty girls really bug me.  
  18. There are two repeat offenders of surfing the net in class that I have noticed - gossip girl on Perez and then there is creepy facebook boy.
  19. Virgins in law school.
Okay that's all.


Silly Little Law Student said...

"Estoppeh teh stoopit!"


I have to say that by the middle of 2L year you may lose your mind so much that you start using a LOLSpeak tool in Adium [link]

PS.... I have a theory that at some point in law school everyone loses their sanity... and no one is ever able to regain it. And that's why lawyers are crazy. :)

Ms.Hart said...

This is hilarious...I havent drank in so long...Its just such close quarters for such a small group of people. Its like a huge group of strangers that have to see eachother everyday. My section just isnt warming up to eachother very quickly. I always think of Battery when people touch me too. Grabbing my love handles will result in self defense tactic of reasonable force for sure. There is also a lot of free lunches at my school. Very funny

Random Esquire said...

Ahhh, just think...in three years you can jump on the bandwagon to blog about your experiences while practicing law. ;)

I wish you the best during this first year. I had a great time during law school.

I think I may have had that 3rd year accent. ;)