26 August 2008

Blum on Contracts

Posted by Shake sense into me

Anyone notice Chapter 7 of the E&E on Contracts - the first line reads, "Consideration can be fun.1"  

Then the footnote for that line reads, "Obviously, depending on your idea of fun.  It does help to be deranged."
Well then, that settles that.


Prue said...

i think we're supposed to be a little deranged. after all, we will be lawyers one day.

i pretty much feel the same way about law school as you do. a lot of people i've met are fake-nice. don't worry about study groups, though. i don't think they help too much until closer to exams.

good luck! we've got a long three years ahead of us!

Shake sense into me said...

yep, a very looooong three years!

Butterflyfish said...

Yeah. That book had occasional good lines... so did Glannon's torts book