12 August 2008

Initial thoughts

Posted by Shake sense into me

It has been a wild week.  I moved in, bought a car, and met a lot of incoming students at my school.

Today is only Tuesday.
The people I have met so far are awesome.  I feel like I fit in (so far).  I don't hate it yet - but all I've been doing is going out with law students and getting to know people, so, no competition yet!  Besides kicking ass at bowling.
Anyways, financial aid is awful.  I've increased my debt on my credit card and I can't pay it off because I have no savings.  I'm really at a disadvantage because of this - so my first piece of advice to 0L's - SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.  
I won't be getting my financial aid refund for another couple of weeks and I have about $100 to live on, if I don't use my credit card.  
I guess this is what being a law student is like.  Quite a rude awakening.
The great thing though is that every function I've been to so far I have either had free booze, free food, or BOTH.  Of course I am the one getting seconds on wine, and next time I will be bringing a zip lock baggie to store extras.
The other thing I noticed is that compared to all the other girls, I'm about 40 pounds overweight.  I thought I was "healthy" but turns out...I need to lose 67 pounds.  Pffffffffft.
Official orientation activities begin tomorrow.


no634 said...

Law school is probably not the best time to do some crazy diet.

Sensible eating and semi-regular exercise will do more for you than you think. Also, by nixing some of the minor $2 here $2 there costs, (snacks, fraps, etc.) you'll save money and calories. :)