21 August 2008

Well, I guess it all isn't that bad...

Posted by Shake sense into me

This week has been hell, I won't lie.  Obviously my emotions are exploding all over the place, as shown by the two divergent posts I made today.

But, I just had torts class - and I got it.  It was a great feeling.  I understand what the heck that lady is talking about.  Finally.
As far as the people in law school - I'm still trying to make friends.  I have one, who is friendly, but not very sympathetic to my sometimes trite worries.  My neighbor friend keeps throwing hypos my way - I just say I don't know.  We aren't even in the same section nor learning the same thing yet (he's on battery, I'm on negligence) and yet I'm being asked battery hypos?  WTF?  Maybe I should start to disguise myself when I walk to my car.  
I digress...I'm sitting outside right now, enjoying a beautiful day, procrastinating on my blog - and this helps.  Sometimes all a person needs is a huge breath of fresh air - and to realize that law school isn't everything.
I bet there is more drama to come though, stay tuned.
Thanks for all of the encouraging words.
There are 3 things that cheer me up, which I need to remind myself of when I'm down:  my boy, my cat, and the sunshine.  


no634 said...

Eeek. I have more than a week before I start. :( I hope it's not that bad for me.

Kel said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm feeling the same way about law school. I'm trying to remind myself that "I am not law school" and that sometimes relaxing a bit can help me through my studies.

But I completely understand the "what am I doing here?" feeling!

ImNobody said...

Advice for hypos: Give it...4 months. At this point, two things are likely to happen.
First, you will start to have some idea of what is going on. Don't worry, this is a total illusion, but you'll be able to enjoy it until the crushing reality of 1L summer sets in.
Second, your friends' hypos may start to make sense, as opposed to being either insane or misleading. Beware beating yourself up on the unknown hypo- creating hypos in the first week is a little like trying to build the space shuttle with Lincoln Logs.

In four months, if it doesn't make sense- you're definitely still enrolled in law school. I hope you packed a sense of humor and a good bottle of wine!

Shake sense into me said...

no634: combine law school with hyper-sensitivity, and dramatics, and you have my experience. not everyone will have quite the same lovely experience I am having because they ain't me.

kel: glad to know somebody else is with me!

nobody: wonder if it would be weird to pack wine with my lunch. those mini bottles are heaven....

Brooklyn said...

I told a friend this weekend that its not that I don't know how to play the "game" its just that I didn't think it was necessary. BOY was I wrong. My fake friend at school, is distant and very unsympathetic. When the group of us talk about being afraid etc. no one admits it except dumb ol me. I confess my insecurity, not to the point of being annoying but just honest. No one else says anything and I think god im the only chicken shit here? But when the time comes and they get called on, they sound like idiots, voices trembling so bad you cant even hear them. ME on the other hand I stand up and do what I need to do and sound ok too. So those of us that are real....will prevail ;)

Shake sense into me said...

brooklyn: i have been honest too, about my fear, in class and on this blog. but I have yet to stand up and do what i need to do. probably stems from a lack of self worth or something like that, which law school does not help.

arbil said...

Thank you for blogging about your experiences. I'm currently a 1L and literally feel like I'm the ONLY person feeling like this. My section's filled with super-students in love with class & school. It's good to read about someone who felt the same way, got through 1L, and got a summer job. Please blog more!