26 August 2008

Can't sleep, there's a cat on my lap...

Posted by Shake sense into me

...that won't stop purring.  I'm afraid if I touch him at all in any way it will only prolong the noise, and I really need to sleep.  I don't know what it is, but recently he has been so adamant about showing me he loves me.  He woke me up last night THREE TIMES from his purring and constant need to sleep right next to my face.  Then, of course, he tries to make his "bed" on my face and I wake up from that cute-yet-painful behavior.  But anyways, back to the purring. 

This cat purrs like he's purring in the olympics or for a world record for longest purr.  It's no soft purr, either.  It's the loud 'n rumbly purr of either 1) a very happy cat, or 2) a cat that REALLY wants you to know that they aren't going to hurt you.
In this case, the cat is just very happy.  Of course.  He got to watch Happy Feet yesterday (loves those penguins!) and tonight was very special because "The Hills" was on and he loves to mock that drama.  He was all, "WTF!" When Speidi showed up at that girl's party.  
My cat will literally jump on my lap when I've got a movie or something on to watch.  He doesn't chase the action either.  He watched.  Intently, cocking his head to one side every now and again in wonderment. 
Ah.  He has stopped purring.  Time for bed!