08 August 2008


Posted by Shake sense into me

having issues with the blog....thus this new boring look that i hope you like!

having issues with packing...as in it's not happening and i'm moving in under 24 hours.

having issues with everything...well, not really but packing and blogging are my life.

i won't be around much in the next week.  i apologize as i know i have adoring fans that just need to know what i'm up to every other minute.

no fear, i'll be back.

oh and ps:  i only read 3 pages of my "homework."  procrastination kicks in early.


sunlion said...

happened on your blog as I scour the net for fellow soon-to-be 1L's. good luck with the moving and the money and the baking. my husband and I spent all of our savings moving cross-country so I feel your pain. Not sure what part of the country you are in, but from what I can tell, it always helps to be an accomplished social drinker.